We all tend to stick to familiar routines, including when running a practice. But embracing new approaches–like transitioning to a paperless system–can give a big boost to the efficiency of daily operations. Let’s explore the top six benefits of going paperless to see how it can work for you, too.

1. Workflow Efficiency and Productivity

In today’s fast-paced world, the last thing your staff needs is to waste time rifling through paper files. Going paperless will enable them to organize these same files in seconds, drastically improving their efficiency in performing administrative tasks.

2. Cost Efficiency

Printing hundreds of files a day is not just expensive, it is not a sustainable practice in our rapidly evolving digital world. If you want to cut costs in your practice, going paperless is a great place to start: it will save both time and money without sacrificing patient care. The initial cost of going paperless might dissuade you from making the switch, but the cost of printing and mailing will continue to increase over time.

Did you know that there was another postage hike of 2 cents at the beginning of 2024, bringing the total to $.68 for a single stamp? And this cost is expected to continue to climb at a steady pace. You can optimize your revenue now by switching to a paperless solution. This would shield you from the postage price increases that are sure to come.

A family checking-in at a clean, paper-free medical desk3. Office Space

Tidy office space is one of the first visual details that strikes clients and staff, even if it happens subconsciously. Clearing paper files from your office eliminates one of the largest sources of clutter, while at the same time enabling you to put these spaces to better use. You could turn an old paper storage room into another exam room, or add another desk where that one annoying stack of papers used to be an eyesore. The options are endless and would make a huge difference in how your clients perceive your space. 

Remember: Even if the clutter escapes your notice, patients are likely to pick up on it. 

4. Information Sharing

There’s no reason that sharing information between team members should be difficult, especially in healthcare. Efficient communication impacts operations across your entire practice: the quality of care a patient receives, the job satisfaction of staff, and the amount of time it takes to pay everyone for their services.

It may be nearly impossible to find and provide important chart notes, authorizations, and billing notes if a paperless solution is not being utilized. If a paper copy of an authorization is provided to a practice but is not stored or shared appropriately, the patient may not receive the necessary care. Instead, choose a Practice Management Software that can seamlessly store and share electronic copies of authorizations to ensure that your patients are consistently receiving quality care without sacrificing their time or your staff’s time.

5. Security

Paper files are easily misplaced and can even be stolen in an attempt to exploit sensitive patient health information or PHI. Electronic files, on the other hand, can be locked behind passwords and easily protected against security breaches. There are also more options to track the location of digital PHI if it does fall into the wrong hands. Of course, it’s always important to train your staff on cybersecurity protocols when storing electronic PHI. 

Even if you think your paper documents are safe, they could still be damaged in a fire or natural disaster. Although going paperless won’t stop such events from occurring, it will drastically decrease the overall damage control required. In case of a natural disaster, you can be assured that your electronic files can still be accessed from a different device.

6. Consumer Perception

In addition to all the benefits above, a paperless solution can improve the consumer experience and perception of medical practices and RCM companies if they are marketed appropriately.

Solutions for Practices:

Although your patients might never be able to truly appreciate your switch to a paperless solution, they will still reap the benefits. Digital appointment reminders, balance notifications, and scheduling features make receiving care much more accessible to the patients that you serve.

Solutions for RCM Companies:

Just like any type of advertising, this strategy might not land every potential customer, but it will keep standard operations relevant with the ever growing age of technology. However, emphasizing paperless processes is a great way to recruit new clients who understand the benefits of going paperless as well as you do.

Choose OpenPM as a Paperless Solution

The most important step in going paperless is choosing a practice management system that supports all of your paperless needs. Open Practice is committed to providing you with top-tier paperless solutions to streamline your workflow, lighten the administrative burden on your staff, and ensure the security and safety of valuable PHI. On top of all that, it optimizes communication between office staff and clients. 

Ready to learn more about how our product can revolutionize your operation as a one-stop paperless solution? Book a demo today!

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