In the healthcare industry, large independent medical and multi-specialty practices face unique challenges in managing their operations efficiently. Freeing up time for your staff to focus on patient care will only improve your practice and increase revenue. Billing software is essential to staying organized and on top of patient management.

OpenPM emerges as a game-changer, offering a state-of-the-art, fully integrated billing and claims management system tailored for enterprise-level practices. Our innovative solutions empower these practices to maintain independence while optimizing their revenue cycle management.

Maximizing Efficiency with Web-Based Technology

Medical team working with billing staff

When you use a web-based system, it is at the forefront of innovation. You can maximize efficiency in billing and accounts receivables (A/R) management with the latest technology, ensuring that your practice is always ahead of the curve and utilizing the best tools available for financial management.

Large enterprises need billing software to deal with the large capacity and intricacies of billing. The billing feature on your electronic health record (EHR) software isn’t enough to manage customers and claims independently. You will spend more time working with the limited software instead of focusing on more important tasks.

Hassle-Free Appointment Scheduling and Comprehensive Reporting

Efficiency in healthcare goes beyond just managing finances. State-of-the-art billing software with hassle-free appointment scheduling provides unparalleled flexibility for staff, enabling them to track and manage patient visits effectively. Additionally, our comprehensive reporting tools highlight key performance indicators, making it easy to organize and access crucial information for informed decision-making.

When you choose a billing software that integrates seamlessly with your EHR software, you can implement a paperless system with patient administrative automation. Let the software work on collections for you, optimizing your accounts receivable process without the burden of hiring additional employees.

Real-Time Claims Management and Unrivaled Client Support

Billing software with real-time claims management is essential for large enterprises. This system eliminates the need for constant follow-ups and reduces errors, providing real-time tracking of claims status. 

When you maximize the software capabilities, your patients feel valued instead of inconvenienced. The software sets up automated processes to send out the claims and collect the payments in a timely and efficient manner.

Seamless EHR Integration

Understanding the diverse needs of large practices, online billing software offers seamless integration with your favorite EHR systems. This integration highlights a holistic solution that fits perfectly with the systems you already trust and use.

Instead of using the billing components of the EHR software that don’t have the patient experience in mind, you can reap the benefits of modern, competitive software that works for large enterprises. 

Targeting Large Independent Practices

For large independent medical practices, the challenge is often finding a sophisticated system capable of handling extensive operations without compromising on the quality of patient care. Use a cloud billing software designed to cater to these needs. The software is not just equipped to handle large practices; it is proficient at it. 

Why Choose OpenPM?

  • Sophistication and Independence: OpenPM allows large practices to manage their revenue separately from the billing system that comes with their EHR software. This independence is crucial as most EHR systems do not focus on billing, leading to outdated processes.
  • Affordability and Integration: We offer a state-of-the-art system at a low monthly cost that integrates seamlessly with your existing EHR software, adding value without disrupting your current operations.
  • Automation and Staff Efficiency: Our automated systems significantly reduce the workload on your staff, allowing them to focus on better patient interaction and care.
  • Customized Workflows: We design workflows that alleviate the struggles of large practices, especially those facing challenges in hiring and staying afloat in a competitive market.

Choose OpenPM for Large Practices and Medical Companies

OpenPM is not just a software provider; we are partners in your journey toward streamlined and efficient practice management. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your billing system, integrate with an EHR, or optimize your staff’s efficiency, OpenPM has the solution. 

We invite large independent medical practices to experience the difference with OpenPM – where sophistication meets simplicity in healthcare management. Contact us today to learn more.