Justyn Gostlin

Contact Information

Name: Justyn Gostlin

Title: Account Manager

Company: Open Practice

Address: 300 Executive Parkway, West, Hudson, OH 44236

Telephone: 234-380-8345 ext 4010

Email: JGostlin@openpractice.net

Website: openpractice.net

Justyn joined the Open Practice Team in the spring of 2019. With his sights set on a sales career, he focused his efforts on understanding the RCM industry and identifying what sets our products apart in the marketplace. 

While working in a support role, Justyn developed the tools needed to provide excellent customer service.

Today, Justyn uses this experience to provide one-on-one consultations with clients as an Account Manager. By building meaningful relationships with clients, he can identify pain points and find the appropriate solution or recommendation for any business challenge. 

In his spare time, Justyn loves fishing, playing volleyball, and enjoying time with his family and friends.

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