Minimizing effort and maximizing reimbursement through automation is a key strategy in RCM optimization.

Open Practice provides a true cloud-based solution built for managing the A/R challenges of today’s healthcare. Our software, OpenPM, is ideal for billing services large and small.

  • Built-in EDI allows you to manage claims without logging into a clearinghouse.
  • OPEN technology allows integration with your client’s EHR of choice.
  • Don’t have a billing platform to offer practices without one? OpenPM can be YOUR system!
  • SAAS pricing allows you to only pay for the months you use.
  • Our implementation, training and support staff work with your team to ensure you are set up for success.

Is your team frequently performing repetitive tasks such as eligibility verification, claim/statement submission and running routine reports? OpenPM can automate routine processes so staff can spend more time managing the exceptions that require thoughtful input.

Make your life easy.
Choose a software that was built by billers for billers.

Why OpenPM?

  • Shared Master Libraries for easy management across your practices, including a Global Patient Lookup.
  • Robust front-office features (scheduling/intake) provide the tools your clients need to optimize patient flow.
  • Reporting and real-time analytics to understand the revenue trends of your business.
  • Flexible pricing allows you to accommodate high and low-volume clients.
  • Browser-based solution provides easy access for clients without IT hassles – absolutely nothing to download to the local computer.
  • Data conversion options from basic demographics to full Accounts Receivable.
  • Integration with a growing list of medical record systems.  Basic integration to over 100 systems, and tight integration to over a dozen.

With flexible pricing and easy onboarding, OpenPM is a perfect solution for RCM companies looking to streamline operations and/or grow their business.

Unlike many medical billing software vendors, we do not compete with our clients. We do not (and have never) provided billing services. Instead, we partner with RCM providers to empower their success. Contact us today to find out how we can help you automate and optimize your business with powerful RCM and EDI tools, backed by amazing client support.