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Fully Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Powered by the Internet

OpenPM offers a fully integrated billing and claims management system that highly automates accounts receivables management while producing extensive reports to help you better manage your organization.


We believe that when your staff is happy your patients are happy

That’s what led us to find a simple solution to the issues practices face with practice management and medical billing.

Founded in 2005, Open Practice had the mission of developing a web-based system that’s flexible, easy to use, affordable and compliant with industry standards. We knew that for you to better manage your organization, you needed an efficient solution to distribute claims, send reminders, receive payments, book appointments, and properly manage the billing of your clients. OpenPM delivers all this and more.

“The support staff never makes me feel bad for calling with simple questions. I used to wait days for a call back and now when I am not sure how to do something in the system I know I can get an answer in minutes. Thank you!”

Susan Punsky, Associates in Internal Medicine

“Claim turnaround and patient payment turnaround is fantastic. On the average, we are seeing a 7 day claim turnaround for primary claims, less than 30 day turnaround for patient payments and secondary payments!! I can always get someone on the phone to help me when we have questions which is great.”

Christy Mattey, Physicians in Family Practice