Give your practice a financial check-up with OpenPM's powerful new tool.

Laptop running OpenPM's Business Intelligence dashboard
Business Intelligence
Customizable Dashboard

OpenPM's Business Intelligence Dashboard provides easy insights at a glance.

Business Intelligence main dashboard
Business Intelligence

Keep your thumb on the performance pulse of your organization.

Sample graphs from OpenPM's Business Intelligence dashboard
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Analytics at your fingertips!

Unlock the power of data as you take control of your medical billing processes like never before. OpenPM’s Business Intelligence dashboard is built around providing the most relevant information to assist in your data driven decisions.


Year-Over-Year Trends

Quickly observe successes, opportunities, and anomalies in your organizations performance. Break down yearly performance into monthly, weekly, or daily trends.

Multiple Database View

Simple scalability makes this a powerful tool for a single practice, a revenue cycle management company, or a multi-office enterprise organization.

Top Denials & Rejections

Save time by more efficiently analyzing top payer denial and rejection codes. Get to the root cause of denials faster to prevent them in the future.

Drill Down for Details

Deep dive into historical and recent performance for new insights. Break down information by time, location, practice, or provider in this robust data machine.

Interactive KPI’s

Not all organizations measure success the same. Choose and monitor the most important metrics to your business.