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Patient registration will be faster and more accurate than ever before!

Direct Scanning is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that scans patient ID and insurance cards straight into OpenPM. Images are stored securely in the cloud, and linked directly to patient files. With the latest OCR technology, demographic and insurance information is automatically entered, no typing required. Eradicate typing mistakes that can result in costly or time-consuming claim rejections. 

Benefits of Direct Scanning:

  • Scans patient IDs AND insurance cards directly into OpenPM
  • Skip the typing: OCR technology automatically takes the information right off the cards
  • Improve patient experiences with a quicker, simplified check-in process
  • Eliminate costly human errors that can lead to claim rejections
a scanner with personal ID and insurance card

We recommend and support the Acuant ScanShell 800DXN. Most TWAIN-compliant scanners are compatible with OpenPM’s Direct Scanning. 

Add Direct Scanning to Your OpenPM!