There is no perfect EHR and certainly no agreement on what the perfect EHR would look like. Practices today are faced with the decision to purchase capable EHR/PM solutions that are simply unaffordable, or an affordable EHR system that comes with an ineffective PM system. We don’t feel a practice can afford to sacrifice A/R control to get an affordable EHR!

Open Practice will provide integration from our Practice Management system to the EHR that best meets the needs of your practice. OpenPM was developed using open systems technology and was built for integration. We can provide bi-directional, real-time or batch integration depending on your needs and the capabilities of your EHR. Our integration team has worked with everything from real-time HL7 feeds to the batch importing of demographic data from a spreadsheet. Open Practice implements the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) specification, allowing for efficient integration with any system conforming to FHIR’s mode of exchange. We have not received an integration request that we couldn’t readily deliver.

If an EHR vendor makes a simple PM integration sound difficult you should be concerned about their ability to work in the connected healthcare marketplace. An EHR today should be integrated with multiple labs, hospitals, area practices, and ultimately to the National Health Information Network (NHIN). An EHR user needs to be able to easily and affordably deal with multiple integrations. The open systems platform of OpenPM is ideally suited for this level of connectivity.

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