There is no perfect EHR software that meets the needs of every clinic, and no agreement on what the perfect EHR could look like. Today, affordable EHR software comes bundled with ineffective billing capabilities. A practice literally cannot afford to sacrifice its revenue cycle management tools simply because they come bundled with its preferred EHR.

OpenPM was developed using ‘open’ systems technology and was built for integration. Open Practice was an early adopter of the FHIR API, and can work with traditional HL7 or even spreadsheet imports. There has not been an integration request that couldn’t be readily delivered.

If an EHR vendor makes a simple billing integration sound difficult, there should be concern about their ability to take your practice into the connected healthcare marketplace. An EHR today should be integrated with labs, hospitals, area practices, and ultimately to regional and national health networks. 

Occasionally, an EHR vendor will choose their own business interests over those of their clients, and refuse to integrate with OpenPM. In this situation, we have had many clients choose the powerful revenue cycle management tools in OpenPM and forgo integration. Creating a chart without integration typically takes 30 seconds or less, and many groups have determined that maximizing collections using OpenPM outweighs any slight inconveniences.

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