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Reduce hours on the phone to a single click!

In the beginning, medical billers sat on hold (usually for hours) waiting to manually check the status of a claim. Then came a zillion different usernames and passwords to manage, different for every payer’s online portal. Now comes Real-Time Claim Status. A single click within OpenPM will provide the status of any individual billing code on any claim. It also provides the claim status for all previous submissions along with the corresponding status from the payer of the current submission. 

Billers can now check the status of their claims faster than dialing a phone number or entering a username and password on a payer’s portal site. 

Some benefits of Real-Time Claim Status include:

  • Check the status of a claim in seconds, with a single click
  • Status is provided per billing code, including status of previous submissions
  • Provides easy-to-read and actionable adjudication information
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Add Real-Time Claim Status to Your OpenPM!