Call-tracking systems and voice mail technologies make vendors more efficient, not your practice! Whether you are calling with a software question or you need help tracking down a claim, your call is answered directly by our customer support team.

If you don’t need an immediate answer, we have support tools built into OpenPM that allow you to log a question while you are working. Use a support hot-key to log your question or enhancement request, and our support team will know exactly where you were in the system and what you were doing at the time. This makes it very convenient to log a question and gives our support team the information needed to quickly respond. You also have the ability to view a history of all calls logged with status and resolution so you can refer back at any time.

FAQs and on-line video tutorials are available and make great tools for new employee training or when you need a refresher on any function in the system.

When you do need to call, instead of waiting hours or even days for a call back just so you can explain your problem, join our family of satisfied clients who have come to expect to have over 90 percent of their questions resolved by the end of their first call.

Always a great experience with support! Thanks.

Serena K., billing

Very quick and efficient in explaining how to correct our issue. Thanks for being a great software system support team.

Louise B., manager