OpenPM offers a fully integrated billing and claims management system that highly automates accounts receivables management while producing extensive reports to help you better manage your organization. As a browser based application, OpenPM provides a level of access to your system never before possible. Our real-time claims management features will improve your cash flow and streamline billing and claims follow-up processes. We welcome you to explore OpenPM further and contact us for a customized demonstration for your practice.

Appointment Scheduling

OpenPM allows staff to create and track upcoming patient visits. It is flexible enough to conform to your scheduling preferences with color-coded slots making it easy to use as an appointment book, or book first available using a completely rule-based model.

The check-in screen allows for quick access to all the tools necessary to check the patient in quickly and efficiently from collecting co-pays to printing an on-demand encounter form, it can all be done from one place. Reports can help determine waiting room times and help capture missed charges.

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Eligibility Verification

Are you spending hours on the phone or web manually verifying patient eligibility? Put that time to better use by utilizing OpenPM to verify eligibility real-time for walk-in patients or in batch mode for scheduled patients prior to the date of service. Depending on payer capability, you will have immediate access to:

  • Verify Subscriber and Dependent Coverage
  • Determine Coverage Effective Dates
  • Confirm Birth Date
  • Determine the patient’s responsibility due at time of service.
  • Eliminate a leading cause of claim denials
  • Receive a response in seconds in real time mode

Patient Registration

The Patient Registration process, like all other data entry processes in OpenPM, is made easier through keyboard navigation and hotkey shortcuts. Unlike other web-based solutions, OpenPM has been developed so that the mouse is not a requirement for data entry. By allowing staff to keep their hands on the keyboard, the data entry process is made as fast and efficient as possible. An unlimited number of optional fields allow customization to the specific needs of your practice. Enter information manually or automatically via HL7 interface to hospital or EMR.

Electronic Claims Management

Are you tired of:

  • Trying to read clearinghouse and payer reports?
  • Fancy on-line claims editors that don’t update your Practice Management System?
  • Running countless reports to shed light into the black hole that is your current claims process?

OpenPM moves you beyond those frustrating and inefficient processes. Never before has a system handled the claims submission and tracking process so seamlessly. From a claims submission process that consists of one “click”, to a Claims Dashboard that shows real-time claims status, your practice will have unprecedented control over your revenue cycle. No longer do you need to wonder if anyone is following up on claims or claim errors, one glance at the Dashboard tells you where everything is at and what needs attention.


Other vendors will only let you accept electronic remittances from a handful of payers AND they charge you extra for the privilege. With OpenPM you can increase productivity and accelerate cash flow by accepting all available electronic remittances (both primary and secondary) at no extra cost.
Our seamless clearinghouse integration means that you never have to search for or upload another remittance file! When an ERA is available it is immediately queued up for processing. When processed, denials are automatically sent to the appropriate work list for follow-up.

Statement Processing

The Patient-Friendly Billing initiative examined the issues involved in collecting and communicating billing information to patients and issued reports stating that patient bills should be:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Correct
  • Patient friendly

Open Practice is committed to the goal of improving the healthcare system through Patient Friendly Billing. Our statement services are designed to be both patient-friendly and effective. Design features such as our top-line summary and technical offerings such as our patient payment portal help:

  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Improve accounts receivable
  • Increase collections

Our statements organize information according to how patients interact with it. The most important information is summarized in large font in the top-line summary: account number, amount due and due date. If your statement data does not contain a due date, we can calculate one based on whatever criteria you choose.

The detail area can be modified to eliminate codes and other information that might confuse patients. Other columns of data can be rearranged to increase clarity.


OpenPM’s reporting capabilities allow users to extract meaningful data regarding their practice. Instead of reams of confusing information, reports are designed to highlight key performance indicators so managers have the information necessary to manage. Comprehensive standard reports are complemented by user-driven ad-hoc reports. Need to get a report to the accountant? No problem! All reports can be output to standard PDF, CSV, or spreadsheet files to allow for easy sharing or further manipulation of the data.

Form Generator

Duplicate any form that you currently use or would like to use for automated generation through OpenPM. From encounter forms to claims appeal letters, all can be generated and completed automatically with data from OpenPM in PDF format for easy printing, faxing, or emailing.

Credit Card Processing

Provide the convenient payments options your patients have come to expect from their bank and credit card company and speed up patient payments by Going Green. Secure payment portal hosted for your practice or linked to your existing website.

Patients can:

  • Pay their bill via check or credit cards
  • Change address information
  • View, download or print PDF statement images
  • Add or update insurance information
  • View healthcare terms glossary
  • View practice financial policy
  • Submit question or comments regarding account status

Internal Messaging

Email is not a secure communication method. OpenPM’s internal messaging capabilities allow for secure HIPAA-compliant communication within your office and with our support department.

Document Scanning

Eliminate clutter and provide quick access to the information you need by scanning documents such as Insurance Cards, Drivers Licenses, EOBs. Etc.

Denial Management

OpenPM provides tools for tracking and managing claim denials and the entire appeals process for the benefit of both your practice and patients. The system recognizes and classifies denials for clinical, coding and administrative reasons such as timely filing. When electronic remit files are processed, the system automatically captures zero payment denials and forwards the claims to the appropriate work lists. For third party payments that are processed manually, denial codes can be recorded and the claim placed in the appropriate work list as a seamless step in the posting process.

When the denial management processed is followed you will be able to look at mistakes that your practice has made and implement changes and/or provide training that will decrease their future occurrence and thus reduce the cost of revenue recovery to your organization.


With the growth of HSA and other high-deductible plans, strong patient collection capabilities are no longer optional. OpenPM provides all the tools necessary to take control of this growing portion of the accounts receivable. From follow-up action worklists to automated letter generation, a complete contact history is maintained throughout the process as part of a comprehensive collections audit trail. If all else fails, integration to your collection agencies allows for the seamless transition of encounters from internal to external collections. Once transferred to outside collections, the balance is removed from your A/R but left inside of OpenPM. This allows for collection payments to be easily posted and the performance of your collection agencies to be closely tracked.